Our company

What is CDLA Leads?
It's a company that comes from passion and creates results.

Started by passionate marketeer, when trucking industry turnover became 98% for companies in the US. Signaling that talent these days is not something to come by easy, employee retention and acquisition has become a serious problem.

We are here to solve it.

Using platforms that currently hold the majority of trucker workforce, we use correct image, video and text placements and their combination to offer truckers real value and ensure that recruiters get leads that are pre-qualified.

After years of marketing experience and lead generation in other industries such as real estate, construction and car sales. It is time to address the problem that is more serious that what meets the eye. We provide highest quality and service solution that is available to the market at this moment. Lead gen with TikTok and Facebook Ads. Billions of users and countless hours spent on these platforms everyday. Makes it the most viewed and visible platforms for recruiters to find leads. That is why we specialize in these platforms, but aren’t limited to them. If the need of the client is more fitting for a different platform, we will suggest what would be better.

Recruiters shouldn’t be spending time doing marketing, because they create business by recruiting, its best to leave marketing to those that care about it. You won’t have to hire a marketing specialists when outsourcing the service is below what it costs to have a full time employee, with us you will be able to reap full time results. With a fraction of the cost.


We take action seriously, we orient ourselves with goals and results.

We treat everyone fairly and provide a service customized to our clients.

We are focused on growth and seek the same for our clients.

We have strict reporting policy and never leave anything to chance, decisions must have a solid logic behind them.

Our Vision

To save countless hours that recruiters spend on marketing and get better results.


To provide a service that benefits and adds more value than it takes, pivoting the service and adapting to every single client.

John Douglas
LB Independent Corp

I was first skeptical about the lead price because it sounds too good. But once the driver leads started to kick in it took us to next level. We have new trucks coming in by the start of next year and now we feel fully ready to get those filled out it with the perfect drivers. Only best reviews about CDLALeads.